Saturday, January 19, 2013

It has been an enjoyable couple of days. Thursday night we got 8 inches of snow after lots of rain and a coating of ice. We went skiing on Friday and tried to sled down our hill on a box, snow was to deep. I was planning on buying a sled when we were down town on Friday but forgot. Today Terri and i took a long walk, it's 50 out and sunny. I got a call from one of the ladies i asked to have a book study with and just as i thought they are too busy. I wanted to tell her that i had sisters who have 3 and 4 children find the time but i just kept quiet,i knew all along that they wouldn't want to get together.I am thinking about just staying home and listening to Grace Sunday mornings. Jerry encouraged us to do it to, said we would probable get more out of it, besides he can hear it in the living room and that's a good thing. It saddens my heart at how a church can call themselves a holiness church and have no fruit. If the spirit is not there how can you have a church that reflects Christ. Please pray for us. Thanks

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