Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good morning! Well we have been packing all week, we leave for FL on Friday for vacation and hope to secure a job so we can move down next week. Jerry has to see a man for a dump driving job, the man said he has checked out his references already. There is a lot of work there so it shouldn't be a problem getting a job, and if it's God's plan he will provide. I am not looking forward to this move, i hate the city, it will be like a fish without water. I am thankful for the time spent here, we have been watching deer with their fawns and a bear 2 nights ago roaming the field looking for them. A doe was wondering the field all day Monday for her fawn, we are pretty sure the bear got it. He ripped apart my humming bird feeder a few weeks ago, he left his paw print in the sugar water on the porch. I heard him leaving the porch then crashing through the woods. I love this place! My son in law will be coming up to help us move, we have so much heavy stuff that Terri and i can not lift. Jerry's plan is to buy a few foreclosed homes to resell and hopefully be able to move to Maine in 3-5 years, so my life will be unsettled till then. I have to remind myself that i am not here for my own self pleasure, i am here to serve the living God. I have been so alone here on the hill that it is going to take everything in me to get back to reaching out to the lost.It is scary,not knowing where i will live, God is still teaching me to trust him. Jerry seems to be hardening his heart twards God, i had wrote him a letter telling him about my Jesus and it seemed to have no effect on him, at least so i can see. I do hope you all will continue to keep praying for him. Barb's church has an orphanage and clinic in Haiti and Terri was asked to go over and help in the clinic, we are praying about it. The church is also starting up Spanish classes. It will be hard to be busy again but i know i will love having things to do, like being with the grand boys. Trenton can count 1-10 in Spanish. Smart boy. I can't wait to see them, i will try to post some pictures in a few weeks. Well i have a very busy day, Jerry has an early day and we have our cleaning job then off to town for errands and back for more packing. Even though nothing is in stone yet, i would rather pack then get home next week and have to do it in one day, it's amazing the things you can do without. I hope everyone has a good week. Love in Christ, Holley

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