Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good morning to all. I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. A lot has happened, for one we are now attending the Mennonite church in Floyd, which we love. Their's a mixture of back grounds there and a young sister whose husband is not saved and does not attend church. Very friendly and loving group.A lot of Yoder's there, wondering if any are related to you Rhonda. We thought Maine was a closed door as far as moving back because we just don't hear back on jobs. We found out last week that Jerry's boss may have been giving him a bad reference because they can't find drivers here and don't want to lose the one's they have. So Jerry started focusing on Florida so Terri and i would have friends and a church. But same problem someone will be interested in him for a job but then we never hear back. Everything in me just cringes of the thought of Florida, having family there is a huge plus. I ask the Lord what's next...Alaska? It's been that extreme for Jerry. He will just keep searching for something to fill that void that only God can fill and i'm in the back seat praying. I have to admit it will be better for Terri and i as far as work,a friend from NY lives there and has offered to get us started in our own house cleaning business. She has people waiting for her to get an opening for her to clean and offered to give them to us. It pays $25.00 an hour. Terri also thought she would love to work in the local green house a few times a week. We would be able to live rent free for 6 months in a house that Barb is moving out of which we could put money away to buy an apartment house. Houses are very cheap there right now and would be a good investment. So we are praying for God to open or close doors. Now that we have a church i don't feel as anxious to move except for Terri not having work. I got to spend the weekend in PA last month for revival meetings in Shippensburg. Roman and Mary Kauffman were there and Roman was the speaker. WOW! what a spirit filled weekend. I was filled to the top, came home renewed and refreshed spiritually. I wrote Jerry a letter witnessing to him and gave it to him this last Sunday, he didn't say anything about it. But i feel clear that if he died today i have told him about Jesus and the decision is his to make. I told him that he has people that love him and are praying for him in 6 states... probable scared him. I am clear before God that i have been the example of Christ to my husband and the only other thing to do is to keep praying and believing that he will be saved. My dear friend Betty Byler from NY will be moving to PA within a month. I hope we are still here so i can go up for the weekend to visit, it's only a 3 1/2 hour drive. We had planned on going to ME for vacation but looks like we'll end up using it for FL.Another good thing of FL. is the airline we found fly's from Tampa straight to Bangor for cheap rates. We can get a ticket up and back for around $120-140. I hate to say i'm going to do this or that cuz it never seems to work out. Each one of you are on my heart and i love you so dearly. I have to tell you what my Grandson did. The other day Barb was watching him and he didn't know it, he picked up his bible and went and sat down, closed his eyes and started to pray. He prayed for gama, tt,papa and dolphin. He them opened his bible and for about 10 minutes stared at the pictures. How incredible at just 2 years old. They started doing family devotions a few months ago and always asks Trenton who he wants to pray for and it's always the same, tt, gama, papa and dolphin. The dolphin is because he went to sea world and loved the dolphins. The work on my knees will never end but that's the way i want it. Today is only going to be in the 60's then we are in the 80's and a slight chance of rain. We had a week straight of rain so the sunshine is a great sight.We planted some left over seed from last year and because of the possibility of moving we won't put in any plants. I will miss my gardens. I hope you all are well. God bless you! All my Love, Holley

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