Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Had a great dat yesterday, went to the ocean for a bit to relax. Its amazing how the ocean just seems to melt away stress. Jerry made phone calls and put an application on line. The Pratt family had us over for supper, what an awesome family, i havn't laughed that hard in so long my lungs hurt. Melony and i talked about the lord and the church. They are so excited we are moving here. Today is another beautiful day, think we might go to Bangor job hunting. 4:30 is like 5:30 in ny. sooo i am awake then and have been going for our walk by 5:00. We are dieing to go kayaking but it is a little pricey, need to be careful on money till Jer is working. Its amazing how it feels like home here.

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liv4him said...

Hello Holley and Family!

Glad you got there safely and are enjoying the beauty of Maine! Living there 10 years gave us a love of the place, plus having visited cousins & others over the years. Your pictures make me homesick. :-) I'm glad it's soothing the transition for you. We miss you all, and are thankful for the beautiful wedding as a sort of "send-off". I'm glad you have a blog to share your lives with us - I don't usually get on blogs but if I can connect with you in any way, I want to! Keep us up to date as things progress, if you can. We love you!

Michele and family